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Members Help Support Small Nevada Farm

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By Ron Marasco


Sally Gran enjoys mixing it up with her tomato plants.

"I love working outside," said Gran.  "It's a good balance of using your mind, and also using your body."

She's out filling orders for the more than 200 members who subscribe to her farm, Table Top Farm in Nevada.

"It's a connection between farmers and the people in the community who want to see local farms succeed," said Gran.

Gran runs a CSA farm.  CSA stands for community supported agriculture.

"It's a way that we can survive financially, but also have close social ties with the people in our community," said Gran.

For $550 a season, members get a box of fresh produce every week for 20 weeks.

"They get whatever is fresh, whatever is ripe on our farm," said Gran.  "So it really depends from season to season."

Table Top Farm grows an assortment of fruits and vegetables from melons, to onions, to leafy greens to eggplant.

"There's definitely a flavor difference," said Gran.  "We pay a lot of attention to quality."

She and her partners must be doing something right.  They started with just 60 members  three years ago, and have since more than tripled their subscribers.

"Sometimes (when) they go out of town for a week, they say (to a friend) could you pick up my box this week?  And the friend says, 'Oh, I want to sign up too,'" said Gran.

The farm uses all natural practices on their farm, which  includes no harmful pesticides.

"Interest in organics has really increased," said Gran.  "And then there's other people who just want to buy their food from farmers that they know, or they just want to have a tomato that tastes like a tomato."

Not too much to ask.  And what's also not too much too ask, is having fun at what you do.

"It's very satisfying to be able to see the fruits of your labor," said a chuckling Gran.

Table Top Farm also brings their fruits and vegetables to the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market, as well as the Ames Main Street Farmers Market.

You can find a link to their Facebook page here, and a link to their website here.

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