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Third Day of Des Moines Fire

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by Phil Prazan



This has been a busy week for the Fire Department.  They're still investigating a still burning fire.

Fire crews still fight the flames on this third night of the fire.  What you had was a 50,000 square foot recycling warehouse filled to the brim with plastic, wood, other construction materials and just trash.
Flames and smoke poured out of the former Taylor Recycling Center.  Firefighter's original goal was to contain this fire they say is suspicious.

Saturday crews still sprayed the burning embers on the collapsing north side of the warehouse.

"The heat on the steal members gets to a certain temperature, they start losing their rigidity," says Capt. Steve Brown from the Des Moines Fire Department.

Smoke filled the completely burnt out southern side, now an empty shell.

"We got a city block full of trash, no way of getting in, it was difficult to fight," says Capt. Brown.

He says firefighters will be spraying down material until possibly Tuesday.  Now the job requires calling in the Public Works Department to get all that burnt material outside and to the dump.  something that could take some time.

"Laying it out, making sure it doesn't re-ignite," says Capt. Brown.

As the noise of dump trucks fill this neighborhood on the southeast side, the Fire Department appreciates active neighbors calling in and warning officials when there's piles of kindling like this, so available for suspicious fire.

"Be aware of what's going on.  If you see somebody poking around in one of these abandoned buildings, go ahead and call Des Moines Police," says Capt. Brown.
So who's going to pay for this cleanup?  Well the owner of the property, Regency Capital Fund LLC, they went bankrupt.  So probably Des Moines taxpayers will pay for it.

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