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Triathletes Taking On The Heat

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Claire Powell

The Hyvee Triathlon is this weekend and athletes have had a hard time finishing their training in the extreme heat. 

The temperatures have been close to 100 degrees all week long, but that hasn't stopped the triathletes. They've been at Gray's Lake swimming, biking and running to prepare for the race.

"It's kind of bad timing with the heat because you know maybe a week or so back, really starting to get into the longer distances, it was kind of tough," said Monte Combe, a Des Moines Triathlete. 

Racers said they need to be smart about the heat and take the necessary precautions to avoid dehydration and muscle cramping. 

"I have to worry about how much water is leaving my body so I would probably just drink a lot more than I would normally," said Combe.

"Every time you go out for a training run, bike or swim it's putting it together in a way that's going to make it more effective and so choose the parts of the day, especially in this heat, but just throughout the whole summer season, putting it together and building up to the distances and the time you'll be out there a good chunk of time, two or three hours for a lot of people," said Marie Rainforth, a Championship qualifier.

It comes as no surprise that the water was the most popular event to be practicing. 

"The trails are really hot right now so I'll cool off and head back and call it a day," said Rainforth.

By Sunday, the temperatures will be cooling down a few degrees, but racers know that it will still be a hot race.

"Early morning workouts, trying to get up and go and when the suns still low in the sky, it's not quite as bad, but the humidity is the hard part, really drinking a lot of water and hydrate before and after," said Rainforth.

"I am interested in getting out there but I think the weather is going to make it such that trying to push too much is going to be too risky because not finishing is not a good outcome. I'd rather just finish and be happy," said Combe.

The athletes say the key to doing well this weekend is to stay hydrated and stay positive.


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