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Balancing Life and Sports for Kids

By: Jason Rantala


Fall sports are finally here, but sometimes the stress of competing and busy schedules can get to both kids and their families. 

The fact is, many parents, specifically moms are often stressed out with their kids' busy schedules, and many kids are stressed out about competing.

A national sports league for kids has set out to change all that.

For Waukee mom Ashley Grisham, sports overload was setting in. Her two sons Brady and Hayden were just too busy. 

"We're doing football, we're doing soccer, we're doing basketball, we're doing baseball. With two kids, two practices, it just becomes too much," said Grisham.

Jeff Thompson, with I9 sports, says it's a common sentiment for moms with active kids.

"Balance your life, find time for your families," said Thompson, I9 Sports Marketing Coordinator.

I9 Sports conducted a cross–country survey to see what stresses moms out.

What it found was that 68 percent of moms say their kids' busy sports schedules take away from family time.

"Today's youth sports is about a winning it all mentality and kind of putting a lot of pressure on the kids," he said.

I9 Sports provides leagues for kids that are less competitive and less time consuming.

Thompson says to reduce stress and increase fun, parents need to take a step back. For instance, try not to get upset over a bad call and reward effort as opposed to performance.

He adds that it's also good to reward kids who exemplify various aspects of sportsmanship, something I9 does with awards.

As far as reducing stress for parents, a minimized sports schedule can help. At I9, Practices and games are one day a week, with more of a focus on fun, rather than just winning.

"You're just making it a fun atmosphere for your child so that they want to enjoy it, said Thompson.

Mom Ashley says parents should minimize the number of sports kids play to only what the kids are really interested in.

I9 Sports can be found on the web here



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