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Football Players Tackle Heat

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High school football players will take the field for their first game of the year on Friday, so coaches said they don't see the point in avoiding it now.

"Everybody's going to face this on game night no matter what so you're really not doing yourself a favor by completely hiding from the heat," said Waukee Head Coach Scott Carlson.

If they can't hide from it, doctors say they should pay close attention to it.

"You can get that hot where you actually fall over and have a stroke," said ARNP Janae Brown of Iowa Health Physicians and Clinics.

When players are trapped inside full pads and uniform, they have trouble not noticing the heat.

The Waukee team pushed practice back to 6:30 p.m., cooled down towels and had an ice bath ready for anyone who needed it. They also gave players plenty of water breaks.

"We can get as much water as we need if we ever feel like we need to stop playing we can come out and get a break will quick and then come back in," said senior football player Carter Ayers.

Doctors say they should be watching their fluids as they go in and out.

"Just drink, drink, drink," Brown said. "And watch your urine."

Dehydration is more common than heat stroke, and something that can sneak up on people who don't pay attention.

"If the urine is looking really dark, smelling really strong, you're getting dehydrated," Brown said.

The temperatures today raise a question: How hot is too hot?

Some think practice should be canceled when some schools are letting out early.

"If it's too hot to sit in a classroom it's probably too hot to go outside and run," said Brown.

That's one point where not everyone agrees.

"You've got to take it on," said Carlson. "You've just got to be smart about how you go about practicing."

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