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Working Through 150 Degree Temperatures

By: Jason Rantala


Many of us are lucky enough to stay inside air conditioned workplaces, but for those who work in the heat, discomfort is virtually unavoidable. 

It's safe to say it gets pretty hot at Dixie's Campus Cleaners, where heat can reach up to 150 degrees, thanks to their two steam presses and shirt machine.

Their main room is a slightly more bearable 86 degrees because of their air conditioning, but that only does so much.

Aside from fans and water, owner Dixie allows employees breaks whenever they want, and says shorts and t–shirts are recommended.

The cleaners also keeps water, frozen grapes and fruit in a big fridge for employees.

Down the street at Drake Garage it's a similar story, as mechanics put in engines and work on brakes under the extreme heat.

"Probably the worst is working in the engine compartment or doing an oil change on the vehicle they just came in,  because you can really feel the heat roll off then and plus and add that to the temperature, it makes you sweat really fast," said Drake Garage mechanic Kyle Morgan.

Like any hot work environment, they too, take extra steps to beat the heat.

The shop even gives its employees ice cream sandwiches on particularly hot days.

"We try to keep the guys hydrated, we keep water fountains out there, we keep water in the refrigerator," said Jeff Jones with Drake Garage.

"I keep drinking a lot of fluids, taking breaks, they'll let us go up front and sit in the air conditioning, things like that to try to stay cool," said Morgan.

The big ceiling fans and door help, too, but like anything, employees know the heat will eventually pass.

"Usually the heat is short lived really, we had a pretty good summer, and we're dealing with one or two weeks of intense heat, so that's not bad for Iowa," said Jones.

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