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Graffiti Incidents in Ames

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Addie Olson


Ames police are cracking down on vandals who have been defacing local buildings.

Ninety-five properties in Ames reported graffiti over the last year, but police say that doesn't represent all of the damage.

"Some places have three or four pieces of graffiti on them, and some only have one, so it's way more than the amount of properties," said Sgt. Mike Arkovich of the Ames Police Department.

Ames businesses have dealt with graffiti before.

"We see some graffiti every once in a while," said Mary Moffitt-Anderson who works at Moorman Clothiers. "We've had it on our garbage cans, a couple places along the wall but they're pretty well hidden."

Now a recurring symbol can be found along the brick walls downtown: it's a cat with the letter 'm' in the middle.

Moffitt-Anderson found the curious symbol when she came into work earlier this week. Like most of the other markings, the cats are relatively small. They're a nuisance, nonetheless, to the people who have to clean the spray paint up.

"It's such a beautiful downtown area and they do so many things to try to keep it beautiful," Moffitt-Anderson said. "It's just a shame that it has to come to this point where you find people that have put graffiti on buildings."

Graffiti can also be found in the Campustown area. Police say one way to prevent it from happening is to get rid of the markings as soon as soon as they're found.

"If it looks like nice, there's no graffiti, the walls are painted well, then the chances of going back and putting new graffiti on them are less," Arkovich said.

Police ask that property owners report all vandalism and call them if they have any information on who might be responsible.

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