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Valley HS Construction Will Be Less Disruptive

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By Alex Schuman


Valley High School students will again start their school year by sharing their building with construction workers.

School officials hope this will be the last year students deal with construction on a large scale. 

"The challenge is always to make sure we don't interrupt educational environment as best as possible," said Jim Mollison, Valley High School principal.

The school was finished back in 1970, and the big renovation started in 2004. 

"A lot of the stuff that we had last year... we had some room renovation going on during the school year, which caused construction smells on occasion - the dust - the noise," said Mollison. "I don't think we'll have a whole lot of that to worry about."

Workers need to do construction on a couple of classrooms indoors, which are across from the choir and band rooms.  Mollison hopes since those classrooms do not need as much silence they will be less distracted by any noise.

The majority of construction will be focused on the new auditorium outside, and the new 72,000 square foot space for new classrooms.

Students will also get more parking than last year, but there could still be an occasional disruption from noise.  However, Mollison believes in the end it will benefit the community.

"Obviously I'm biased," he said.  "I think when it's all said and done I think we'll have the premiere educational facility in the state."

Mollison could not give specific deadlines for most of the construction projects.  They said all the projects except the auditorium should be finished throughout the school year.

The new auditorium will be done in October 2014.

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