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Butter Cow Body Guards

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By: Claire Powell

After the vandalism of the butter cow at the Iowa State Fair, there have been some body guards protecting the sculpture.

T-shirts that say, "Butter Cow Security," are all over the fairgrounds. The Blue Ribbon Foundation made the shirts and have already sold nearly 1,000 shirts to fans and supporters of the butter cow. 

"It's brought everybody together, you know I thought the shirt would go over well, but I had no idea how much it would go over," said Robin Taylor, the Blue Ribbon Foundation Assistant Director.

"It's been an extremely busy morning this morning. The security has been on high security, I hope that everybody supports the fair," said Jodi Boysen, a Blue Ribbon Foundation Volunteer.

After the vandalism, the foundation decided, along with Broken Arrow T-shirt company, that they would respond to the vandals in their own way.

"You know what, in a sense, we're going to make lemons out of lemonade and just really show how much people love their Iowa State Fair and the butter cow," said Taylor.

The fair-goers and fans of the butter cow also had a message for the vandals.

"What's the point of doing that to something that everybody loves, it was just a waste of time," said Taylor Reynolds, a fan of the butter cow.

"We don't support that, we think there are better ways to get your message out. We love the fair, we're here to serve and protect we think that's a good motto!" said the Reynolds family.

"It just seemed like everyone rose up to serve and protect the butter cow and what the Iowa State Fair means to them," said Taylor.

The T-shirts are selling out very quickly, but the Blue Ribbon Foundation says they have ordered their third order so more should be in by Friday morning. All proceeds from the T-shirts go toward updating and renovating the fairgrounds.

Also, the foundation said if you can't buy your shirt during the fair, fans of the butter cow can still buy the shirts on their website,  www.blueribbonfoundation.org


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