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A Traffic Stop with a Distinct Smell: Pot

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by Phil Prazan



The Iowa State Patrol says they seize 10 to 20 pounds of marijuana almost weekly.

But 50 pounds of hydroponic marijuana, at $6,000 dollars a pound, was a big bust this week for the State Patrol.
John Fell, Kevin Ciardi and Adam Salhaney - all from Maryland -  were  busted with the drugs along I-80 Wednesday. The group drove down Interstate 80 when they ran into an Iowa State Patrol trooper around mile marker 80 in Adair county.

The trooper pulled them over for a traffic stop and smelled marijuana. After opening the trunk, the trooper found around $300,000 of marijuana.

Hydroponic marijuana is grown in an artificial environment making it more powerful and more expensive.

The State Patrol says ever since the legalization of the drug on the West coast, Iowa has seen a dramatic increase in marijuana driving through Iowa.
"Interstate 35 goes from the southern border to the northern border and 80 does opposite east to west, it puts Iowa in a unique position to be there when it comes through," says Sgt. Robert Mordini from the Iowa State Patrol.

The investigation now is looking into who these guys were running the drugs for and where it was going.

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