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Historic Hotel Pattee Closed

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By: Claire Powell


Hotel Pattee, the one hundred-year-old landmark in Perry, closed its' doors and now the town is waiting to hear about the future of the building.

The town has been through this before in 2006, when the hotel closed for the first time. Then the group Hotel Pattee LLC took over in 2008 and had been getting $150,000 from the city of Perry and Perry Industries for the past five years. In June, the money had run out. 

On Wednesday, the Raccoon Valley Bank took possession of the hotel around 2 p.m. and closed its' doors again.

There were approximately thirty out of the forty rooms occupied when they were forced to shut down.

Signs reading, "We're sorry, this hotel is closed," hanged and locks were on the doors.

"Shock, I think that everyone in town felt that way, it was kind of out of the blue and nobody expected it," said Brian Eiteman, CEO of Firehouse Ice Cream.

"We've gone through a closing before, this is the second time that this has happened, last time the hotel was closed for a year, we do not anticipate that again," said Butch Niebuhr, Perry City Administrator. "Right now what is happening is Perry Industries and Economic Developing are working with the Raccoon Valley Bank to hire a company to open the hotel in the interim."

Local business owners, like Brian Eiteman, said he will more than likely feel the effects of the closing.

"I do see a lot of new faces in here when the hotel was open and they did send a lot of people our way. We have a lot of regulars from town so it's not going to hurt us too bad, but I think there will be a decrease," said Eiteman.

But other people know the building has been closed before and think that it can reopen under the right owners.

"Part of our business group in the city is very proactive, in a sense it's a blessing in disguise and it's going to be a great opportunity for the community to move forward," said Dan Spellman, an attorney at Spellman Law Firm.

ABC spoke to Mayor Jay Pattee on the phone Thursday and he said the hotel closing is not a huge problem and that it will be a transitional stage to find a more stable investor. 

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