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Leases Are Up, Off-Campus Students Temporarily Homeless

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By: Claire Powell
Twitter: clairenpowell

Iowa State students living off-campus are finding themselves temporarily homeless as their lease dates begin to end and their move-in dates are not yet here.

Most property leases end on July 29th, but the earliest people can move into a rental is August first. 

"I'm sleeping on a friends couch," said one resident.

 "Thankfully I'm friends with these guys and their lease doesn't end till the 31st so I get to stay with them," said another.

 "I am moving into my grandmas' across north Ames," said one more resident.

Property managers want to be able to repair damages and clean in houses and apartments.

"I'm moving just up the street, and if there wasn't a time difference between July 31st and august 1 move in, we would be fine without the trailer but the trailer, in the meantime, is a storage unit for the next week," said Samuel Anderson, an Ames resident.

But others are taking a very unique route.

"We're thinking 'where are we going to stay' because you know people are getting forced out," said Adam Berg, who is living in a tent in his brothers' backyard.

"This is my humble home for the next how long, I don't know, week or two," said Berg.

Some may have to wait for a few days while others could have to wait until mid-to-late August.

"I'm not on the street homeless, there's people, people you made friends with over time, but yeah basically homeless," said Anderson.

"Well their lease ends then they have to wait till the next opening which is two days later so what do they do, I don't know... but we're going to be camping," said Berg.

Some property managers did offer early move-in dates and allowed future tenants to move into the rentals "as is."


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