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Iowa State Patrol's I-80 Challenge

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By: Claire Powell
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For the next week, you may want to set your cruise and stay under the speed limit along Interstate 80.

Extra state patrol cars will be along the road as part of an I-80 Challenge.

The Iowa State Patrol and ten other states will increase their presence along the roadways in an effort to bring awareness to speeding and the dangers that come with it.

"For the next eight days from San Francisco, California to New Jersey you're going to see heavy, heavy law enforcement presence out there," said Patrick Hoye, Chief of the Governor's Safety Bureau. 

Speed traps will span the 2,900 miles of I-80 with the goal of eliminating fatalities. 

"We found that Interstate 80 has the same issues all across the nation, so that's really how the I–80 challenge started. We took a look at the crash data with the purpose of driving down fatalities and serious injuries," said Hoye. 

Drivers have already noticed more troopers waiting and more cars being pulled over to the side of the road. 

"I've noticed more recently than in the past, in the past you haven't really seen them but I've noticed more and more on the road, so their presence is noted," said Larry Riley, I-80 driver.

"Yes I've noticed a great increase in troopers, there's been times when I've gone down this road and seen maybe one or two but I've already seen about a dozen," said Rob Chapman, another driver.

"I've seen six troopers stopped on the highway in various parts between here and Omaha and I was like, what's going on, its a week-day but there's obviously something special going on as far as traffic enforcement," said Jim Thompson, another driver.

The state patrol will also be putting safety driving tips on the message boards above the interstate. 

The I-80 challenge will continue until July 31st. 

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