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Waukee Dance Team Wins Big

 By: Jason Rantala



A metro-area dance team won big this past month.

The girls out of Charlee's Elite School of Dance took first place overall at Nationals in June, but what might be more amazing is how they did it.  

Charlee's Elite Edge Competition Team, based in Waukee, have done well in past years at Nationals, placing fourth and third, but they've never finished first overall.

"When we found out that we got first, we were extatic," said Senior Team Member Kathleen Fallen.

Likely the most amazing part and their biggest challenge, was pulling off a dance featuring girls as young as three, and as old as 18.

"You had to know how the four-year-old acted and how she danced, and you couldn't run in to her, she couldn't run into you," said Fallen.

"To have that win was just actually just a thrilling experience to see the kids so happy and to have all their hard work pay off," said Elite Edge Team Director Charlee Campbell.

"I was really excited with the girls, and this brought the team together," said 10-year-old Brittlyn Taylor.

The five to six day long Nationals saw more than two-thousand acts from across the country, as the overall title narrowed those teams down to 20.

Team Director Charlee Campbell says it was their choreography, theme, team spirit and hard work that set them over the top.  She says practicing for 10 months straight helped too.

"I thought we've got to get this team together, we've got to practice," said Taylor.

"I mean the kids just nailed it. They just went out there and knocked it out of the park and I think the collection of having all the team members do 100 percent just is what set it apart from others," said Campbell.

It's a nice way to begin a dance career for a three or four-year-old, and a nice way to go out for one soon to be college student.

"Beating others teams that were outstanding was just the cherry on top of my year," said Fallen. 

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