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Kimberly Price: A Survivor's Story

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The Million Dollar Marathon baton was carried out of Des Moines by Kimberly Price, a cancer survivor. Kimberly's cancer journey started right after she had her 4th child in 2008.

Kimberly recalls, "I started noticing I didn't feel like myself. I was having night sweats and fatigue.  The doctor said you just had your 4th kid, this is normal."

Eight months later, Kimberly finally got her diagnosis, stage-four lymphoma.  The cancer was all throughout her lymphatic system and in her bone marrow.  Kimberly, her family, and friends felt devastated.  Her close friend, Olympic gold medal gymnast Shawn Johnson was right by her side, even going to some of Kimberly's treatments.

Shawn said, "It's heart wrenching knowing a loved one is going through that.  You want to take it away.  She was a hero, never showed any weakness."

Kimberly made it through treatment and came out cancer free, but that wasn't the end of her journey.  She says, "When I was all finished I remember walking out of the cancer treatment center in Nebraska and I broke down crying because I didn't know what life was going to be like."

Kimberly became a voice for cancer, an advocate for research and prevention.  Her strength was on display once again as she carried the baton out of Des Moines.  Ninety degree heat wasn't going to stop her group of runners.  Their attitude and spirit carried them more than 26 miles.  Kimberly says since being a part of the group, Above and Beyond Cancer, she has found acts of kindness, compassion, and support and now she's on a mission.

"I want others to see there are hurting individuals, people diagnosed what don't have hope.  I want them to know there's hope and there can be life above and beyond cancer."

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