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Putting a Different Spin on the Hot Dog

 By: Jason Rantala



Your typical hot dog might contain ketchup, mustard, relish, possibly some chili. But a new hot dog place downtown looks to re–invent a favorite summer treat. 

Hot Shots Craft Hotdoggery is setting out to change your every perception of what a hot dog should be.

"I was looking for a gourmet hot dog, quite frankly is what it was. I missed hot dogs in Chicago," said Hot Shots Owner James Bruton.

Bruton, a Chicago native, wanted to bring a gourmet treat from his hometown to Des Moines. So he, along with Café Di Scala Owner Tony Lemmo, started Hot Shots. 

"We love being able to take a simple hot dog, but turn it into something that is truly a full meal with really fantastic ingredients," said Bruton.

The new restaurant opened its doors in May and offers a cornucopia of hot dogs, sausages and toppings.

Their most popular dog is the Steve McQueen, a chili dog with an all beef frank. The key is using Cincinnati chili, Bruton says.

Also popular: the James Dean, a Chicago dog with pickle, relish, tomato and peppers.

Other notables include the Marlon Brando, a kielbasa and jalapeno among other things, and the Royal Enfield, which contains a duck sausage.

Bruton says turnout has been fantastic. They've sold as many as 250 dogs in one day.

Customers call it different and twisted, at least compared to the traditional dog.

As for future hot dog concoctions, Bruton says he'd like to get even more creative. Hot Shots would like to bring in even more exotic sausages and ingredients.

They already have antelope and wild boar sausage, and say they are just waiting to get the exact right ingredients to match with them. 

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