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More Food Trucks Could be Headed for Des Moines

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Addie Olson


There are strict rules in place that make it hard for food truck vendors to set up in Des Moines. Monday night, the city will discuss those restrictions at a council meeting.

The trucks serve up more than just tasty tacos and drinks.

"During the work day I'm already sitting in an office so I'd like a little bit of fresh air and to get some relief," said Calvin Johannsen of Des Moines. "To get this experience at a food truck, it's unique."

People who frequent the handful of trucks that are already set up in Des Moines agree it's all about that unique experience, but it's not one they get very often.

"It's a cool experience. It tastes good, and it's relatively cheap," said Alex Welsh of Des Moines. "It's not necessarily near us, so it's kind of inconvenient, but it would be nice if they were a little more mobile."

Current restrictions limit where a food truck is placed, how long it can stay there and what hours it can be open.

The city council wants to give those rules a second look.

"I think we need to look at all of them and figure out what works and what doesn't work," said Council member Brian Meyer

Right now trucks can't stay open past 1:30 a.m. It's a rule that keeps them away from the bar scene and makes downtown a tough spot for vendors.

"It's more of an environment that's conducive to having more food trucks, and so what I'd like to see is the restrictions a little bit loosened to allow more of them down there," Meyer said.

Meyer wants to see that rule go, and give more people the chance to step up to the window.

"I think it's easy, I think it's convenient and I think it's part of making this community a very vibrant community," Meyer said. "I want to see that happen."

Meyer said the purpose of Monday's city council meeting is just to get the discussion started.

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