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Grain Bin Safety from NECAS

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by Phil Prazan


A grain bin accident is putting the spotlight on grain bin safety.
Thiry-year-old Brandon Mullen got trapped Tuesday afternoon.  His body was pulled out about an hour and a half later, when rescue crews cut holes on the side of the bin.

The National Education Center for Agriculture Safety travels around the country talking about why grain bins are so dangerous and how farmers can protect themselves.
Dan Neenan travels with an interactive grain bin on the back of his truck to do demonstration.  He says there's four reasons why people get trapped in grain bins.

One is air pockets form while the top crusts over, so stay along the sides.  Two comes when grain clumps up around the side.

Three comes with technology, just like texting and driving, texting and using a grain vacuum can be dangerous.

The most dangerous one is when the auger is running.  He says most grain bin deaths happen because people don't turn it off before getting in.
"What it does is it drains grain straight down from the middle which causes it to cone in so if somebody is in there with that auger running they're going to get pulled down to the middle of the bin," says Dan Neenan.

Also remember this is a two person job, one in the bin, one outside just in case something goes wrong.

The person in the bin should always wear a harness so they don't get sucked down deep and if grain does pour over them, they can be found.

All Dan's advice is based on OSHA recommendations.

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