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Celebration in Brass

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Celebration in Brass brought the best drum and bugle companies in the nation to Waukee on Wednesday.

The Colts Corps is based in Dubuque and has some local ties. Members range in age from 18–21.

They pick up their horns and head all over the nation.

"You definitely have to be dedicated," said Brad Page, a member of the corps from Waukee.

The Colts Corp performs about 20 shows each summer. Drummers and brass players march in from all parts of the country to be a part of the elite group.

"People go through hard times throughout the summer obviously – missing home, it just being hard in general. But as long as you're dedicated, you've got to be here for the team," said Page. "You've got to be here for everybody else because they're depending on you."

For a couple of the members, the performance at Celebration in Brass means experiencing their favorite part...

"Just seeing everyone in the stands stand up and clap for you," said Andrew Wisner of Waukee.

... In their hometown.

Getting into the group is no easy feat, and things only get harder once you make it.

"On a usual day, we wake up at about seven or eight o'clock in the morning," said Page.

Then they practice.

"It's grueling," Page said. "Especially when we do a couple runs a day through the full show – about 12 minutes."

Spending twelve hour days to get ready for twelve minute shows takes one main quality:

"Passion. Every day," Wisner said. "Performing in front of all those people, that's where the passion really shows up."

Sometimes it means being the only one left on the field, but they say the time, sweat and sunburn are a small price to pay.

"It's unlike anything I've ever done before," Wisner said. "Completing a show and having a gut feeling that I had a really good run, the corps had a really good run, and the crowd loves it. It's unmatched."

ABC 5 is a proud sponsor of Celebration in Brass.

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