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Dog Shot By Veterinarian

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Addie Olson


John Forck takes his dog Trigger with him to the farm he works at in Colfax every day. Last Thursday, July 4th, he went to leave work and the dog was nowhere to be found.

"About ten, 15 minutes later he came, showing up with a hole in his face the size of a half dollar," Forck explained.

Forck said he saw Trigger's face and began searching for the person who shot his dog. That's when he came upon his veterinarian, Dr. Keith Cogley, who has a cattle farm nearby.

According to a report from the Jasper County Sheriff, Cogley said Trigger and Forck's other dog had gotten into his cattle pen.

"He had indicated that the dogs were at some point corralling one of the cows and then causing the rest of the herd to be agitated," said Chief Deputy Sheriff Duane Rozendaal.

Dr. Cogley told officers he didn't see any tags on the dogs and shot at them after they left the pen to scare them away.

Forck said he asked his vet to treat Trigger's wound, but Cogley declined and told him he would only pay for some of the bills.

"I couldn't tell you what was going through my mind," Forck said. "It was really hard to drive to Newton and all over trying to find a vet."

According to Iowa law, Cogley was completely within his rights to shoot the dog because it didn't have its tags on.

Officers said the man did it out of concern for his cattle being scared out of their pen.

"The cows come on to the road, somebody strikes the cows, then it could cause other injuries," said Rozendaal. "He felt what he had to do was what he did."

Forck said Dr. Cogley is the one who gave Trigger his rabies shot.

He said Trigger's been coming to work with him since he was a puppy and nothing like this has happened before.

"It's scary, I didn't want my dog to die. He's my best friend, he goes everywhere with me," Forck said. "Anyone who knows me knows my dog because he goes everywhere with me."

ABC5 tried to contact Dr. Cogley several times on Monday but he could not be reached.

Forck said he hasn't talked to the vet since the day of the incident.

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