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Newton Mom Searches for Son

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By: Claire Powell
Twitter: clairenpowell

A Newton mom hasn't heard from her son in over a week.

Susan Landgrebe said that her son Daniel Landgrebe decided to hitchhike across the country and write a book about his experiences. 

Daniel left on May 25th and since he was writing a story on survival, he left all electronic devices behind but promised to call his mother every two or three days. He called from friends, strangers and even restaurant phones to update his mom on his trip.

"I said, Daniel, if you ever go beyond five days, I'm going to assume you're missing and I'm going to file a missing persons report, " said Susan Landgrebe, "I've had constant contact, he's always called me numerous times from other peoples cell phones and people he has met along the way."

Susan had a short phone conversation with Daniel on June 24th and said his voice sounded nervous. Daniel was persistent to hop on another train while his mother encouraged using the bus system. Debit and credit card records show that Daniel took forty dollars out of his account for a thirty-five dollar bus ticket, but hasn't used his card since. 

The Newton Police Department is treating this as a missing persons case and is working with police where Daniel was last seen in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

"They will send the photo and any information we have on Dan Landgrebe to other law enforcement agencies and they'll put them out in other places hopefully in the area where he was last scene in Salt Lake City," said Jeff Hoebelheinrich, Chief of Newton Police.

For now, the tree in Susan's front yard is wrapped in yellow ribbon as a symbol of waiting for Daniel's return. 

As for Susan, she says that she'll soon be joining the search for her son.

"I feel like I need to be personally involved and not just sitting in Iowa."


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