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Man Charged With Sexual Exploitation

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By: Claire Powell
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A man has been charged in the recording of naked women.

The Newton Police Department has charged James Brock with two counts of sexual exploitation and two counts of invasion of privacy after confiscating videos and DVD's from his home. The recordings show more than 1,000 images of females under the age of 18 in tanning beds, showers and other rooms in the residence.

Soon after the police pressed charges and arrested Brock, neighbors started to wonder what had been going on.

"I just couldn't get over what I was seeing, carrying out boxes of stuff in sacks... I just have trouble believing it," said neighbor Janice Lyman.

Most nearby neighbors said Brock had a lot of visitors and was popular with the local teenagers.

"I suppose now looking back at the pool, you're going to have friends in family in... but I never ever, ever, ever thought he would do that," said Lyman.

While other people said that they thought having all of those kids around was suspicious.

"I guess I wasn't real surprised. I'd see him go by on 8th Avenue by where I lived and he seemed to always have young kids in the car, always and I just told a neighbor last April that something just didn't seem right about it, but I had no idea. But I guess I was right. Now I know why," said neighbor Karen Dont.

But overall, shock is the most common feeling felt throughout the town.

"I do watch the house a little bit when I'm home, it might not be right but it's still like... what happened?" said Lyman.

"I'm dumbfounded, but I believe it because in my heart something just wasn't right, and my gut told me it wasn't right and it wasn't," said Dont. 

The case is still under investigation and Newton police are asking anyone who has information to come forward and contact them.

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