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Car Crash Mystery Solved

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By: Claire Powell
Twitter: clairenpowell

A car that was found in two pieces early Sunday morning, now has an identified driver. 

Police spoke to the owner of the vehicle Monday. 

"She indicates that she had gone to bed and that she had house guests over and she believes one of them may have taken the vehicle, however, she has declined to identify who may have had the vehicle when it happened," explained Sergeant Jason Halifax of the Des Moines Police Department. 

The Pontiac Grand Am's front half was not badly damaged, but the trunk was wrapped around an electricity pole.

"We see this occasionally, however, usually there are fatalities involved with it or very serious injuries," said Halifax.

"I was actually amazed that the door actually opens with the entire back being ripped off. It's just something I've never seen before," said Adam Garris, who works at G & S Services, the company who impounded the pieces of the car.

"It obviously indicates a fair amount of speed, quite a bit of speed really, for a vehicle to be separated like that," said Halifax. "They are very lucky drivers at this point, and this is a pretty unusual case all in all."

No arrests have been made and no injuries have been reported.

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