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ARL Looks to Free Up Space After 50 Cat Rescue

By: Jason Rantala


The Animal Rescue League of Iowa recently took in some new feline friends.

A home in southeast Iowa was home to more than 50 cats, more than it could handle. So that's when the Animal Rescue League of Iowa stepped in.

ARL came to the home and rescued the cats on Monday.  

"It's certainly one of our biggest in recent years for cats," said ARL spokesperson Stephanie Filer.

The additional cats are a burden on the facility, since the ARL has to pay to microchip, vaccinate and spay or neuter each cat.

With spaying and neutering costs at $55 per animal, it's not cheap.  

"Particularly this time of year when we're already really full, it definitely has an impact on our operation," said Filer. 

The ARL is holding an "Adopt–A–Thon" to help free up space, with pets at $25 to adopt through Sunday.

The Rescue League adopted out more than 60 cats in the first two days alone. A few of those cats even belonged to the group they picked up on Monday.

The ARL says all the cats will likely be adopted within the next few months, thanks to their good health and behavior around humans.

ARL spokesperson Stephanie Filer says you should always spay or neuter your cats, to avoid pet overpopulation at home. 

"Spay and neuter was really the big issue. Fifty cats can quickly become 500 and multiply from there, so the owners really needed some help, and that's where the ARL came in to help them out," said Filer.  

The ARL says you can also help out by fostering an animal for a period of time and by donating money, and can be found on the web here.

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