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Six Days of Looking for Answers in Dayton

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Addie Olson


The streets in Dayton have been filled with volunteers all week long, but Saturday - for the first time since the search began - they were completely empty.

"The areas that we're hitting are a little bit more risky areas," said Dayton Police Chief Nicholas Dunbar. "Areas with real steep inclines and real steep drop-offs, and of course the weather really hasn't been on our side."

Volunteers came from all over Central Iowa to help search for Kathlynn Shepard this week, covering about 225 square miles of searchable area.

On Friday, they were sent home.

Instead, only trained officers were sent out to search through some of the more dangerous terrain.

"We don't really want to add an emergency to an emergency by having other people, civilians out there, who may be likely to get hurt in these areas," Dunbar said.

The people at Dayton Community Grocery have been feeding searchers all week. Even though they're no longer needed, they kept their spirits up. They sported Kathlynn's color again on Friday.

"We're going to wear purple here until we find her," said store manager, Rob Scott.

Police say it's always possible for them to come across another lead. In that case, they may call volunteers back.

The community says they're ready at a moment's notice.

"We're just waiting until we're needed again," said Scott. "When they tell us, we're ready to go."

After six days and 225 square miles, Dayton is ready for some answers.

"We want to do everything we possibly can," Dunbar said. "Utilize every resource that we can to try to find her and bring her home to her parents."

Officials are still asking that people in the area help out by checking their own land as well as any hunting cameras that they may have had up.

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