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Families Clean-Up After Storm

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By Alex Schuman



When Pat Carter pulled up to her house Sunday night her grandson told her: 

"'Grandma, you don't have a roof on your house,'" said Pat imitating her grandson.  "And I thought, 'Oooh, surely he's wrong.'"

The high winds blew away her shingles, snapped off branches, and uprooted a huge tree and left a gigantic hole.

Neighbors started showing up right after the storm clouds cleared to help her clean up the yard.

"The neighbors came to help, which is what happens in the country," Cathy Carter, Pat's daughter. "The neighbors come to help."

Friends laid a tarp on Carter's roof, and later put on a new temporary roof to stop the expected rain Monday night.

"It drips right inside," said Pat.

Pat's not sure how much the damage will cost her because she's not even sure what's left underneath all the trees.

"She's got water damage in almost every room," said Cathy.

100 mile an hour winds destroyed many of her belongings, and yet, did nothing to her spirit.

"I wouldn't of lived this long if I'd give up easy," said Pat.

She admits she'll miss the extra shade, but since luckily no was hurt, everything else is replaceable.

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