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Travelers at DSM are Satisfied (For the Most Part)

 By: Jason Rantala


A recent airline satisfaction survey says people haven't been this happy about flying in seven years.

The 2013 North America Airline Satisfaction Study conducted by JD Power and Associates, says flyer satisfaction has reached its highest levels since 2006.

The survey took into account factors like fees, boarding, and in–flight experience and says satisfaction has improved in all categories.

Travelers at Des Moines International say for the most part, they are pleased with their traveling experience.

"Great flight, everybody was courteous, everything was on time," said Jimmy Viars.

"It was very convenient, it was easy, very satisfied with my experience here," said Brett Funkhouser.

Since 2006, one major sticking point with flyers have been the addition of baggage fees, but the study says people have come to accept them over the years.

"If you're just taking one bag on not a big deal. Tack it on to your fee that you're already paying, it's nothing compared to that," said Ryan Nisbett.

The study found that technology like Wi-Fi on planes and the ability to check in with a smartphone improved people's attitudes.

Also, satisfaction scores were higher for those greeted by smiling airline staff.

One thing flyers at DSM agree on is that planes need more space.

"Too small of an airplane. You just can't stand up in them unless you're five feet tall," said Viars.

"Seats are small, but that's expected," said Nisbett.

For traditional carriers, Alaska Airlines ranked best, followed by Delta Airlines.

JetBlue scored highest for low-cost carriers, Southwest Airlines placed second.

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