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Three-Year-Old Drowns in Iowa Lake

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by Phil Prazan


Emily Cummings and her five kids swam at Spring Lake throughout last summer.  They would go over by the dock, run and jump off of it.

Last year, the water went up to the chest of three-year-old Ransom Cummings, the story was much different this year.

Emily Cummings and her three sons had the run of the place Tuesday.  They were the only people there.

Then the adventurous, Tonka truck-driving, lover of the video game "Minecraft," Ransom went off exploring.

But when Ransom didn't come back, Emily circled the park and at around 1:15 p.m. called the Sheriff's Office.

They pulled Ransom from the water surrounding the dock, used CPR and the ambulance's AED.

When nothing worked, they moved him to Greene County Hospital in Jefferson where he was pronounced dead.

"He went to sleep in the water and woke up in heaven and that's where he'll be for eternity and I have no doubt of that," says Emily Cummings, Ransom's mother.

She and Red Cross officials say to not let children out of your sight around water.

Cummings also says to always make small kids wear floaties.

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