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Metro Braces for Tuesday's Heat

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By Ron Marasco


Only a week and a half ago, we saw more than a half foot of snow fall in the Metro.  On Tuesday, that will seem like a distant memory. We're expecting mid, maybe even upper 90s.
On Monday, hundreds flocked to Gray's Lake to take advantage of the upper 70s temperatures.

"It's a perfect night for a walk," said Des Moines resident Greg Ervanian.

Tuesday may not be so perfect.  We could see temperatures close to triple digits.

"Hot!" said Des Moines resident Joan Wierenga.  "We go from winter to summer.  No spring."

"I'm excited for it to be warm," said ISU student Bailey O'Donnell, while taking a stroll around the lake.
"I personally love it," said Ervanian.  "Mid 90s is pretty high, pretty early, but I'd take that over 50 degree windy days anytime."

So what does that do to plans?

"I'll probably work in the morning and then go lay out," said O'Donnell.
"I will probably stay inside with the exception of watering my plants outside," said Wierenga.

Wierenga and her husband Tom plan to crank up the AC Tuesday.

"I'll probably stay in where it's cooler," said Joan Wierenga.  "I don't do well in the heat."

Such a difference from a week and a half ago.  But 90s in May is not that rare.  Last year we saw two days in May reach 90+ degrees.  It's been awhile since we've gotten that hot.  The last time we saw temperatures over 90 was September 11th of last year.

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