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Move Out Creates Heavy Traffic in Ames

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Addie Olson


Iowa State set records with this year's enrollment, and more students coming in means more chaos as they move out.

Thousands of ISU students finished finals and packed up this week.

"This is probably one of the busiest weekends we have with traffic," said Sgt. Mark Watson of the Ames P.D.

A lot of today's traffic was due in part to graduation, but students have been making their way out of Ames all week. Lindsey Swirbul was headed out of her dorm today and back to her hometown of Kansas City.

"Slowly but surely just scooting out," Swirbul said of the student population this week. "I saw a lot of people out Thursday night just because finals were done for a lot of people, but then those who had finals Friday stayed, and then those who had finals Friday night just stay until Saturday. "

Friday seemed to be a big day for students rolling out, which also made it a big day for police.

"We had quite a bit of accidents yesterday," Watson said. "We had some accidents up on Highway 30, I–35, and then the normal traffic congestion in town."

ISU's enrollment topped 31,000 students for the 2012-2013 school year. A big chunk of them do not stay for the summer months.

"Probably about 75 percent of students are leaving," Swirbul guessed. "A lot of people are moving out today too, so it's just a hassle, but we're getting it done."

Ames could see one last wave of students heading out tomorrow. Police say pedestrians are one of the biggest things to watch out for in busy college town traffic.

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