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Police Hope Surveillance Video Will Solve String of Robberies

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By Ron Marasco


Police say the warmer weather may be the cause of this string of robberies in the Metro. They say that's because more people are outside.

The good news, more and more businesses have video cameras and more criminals are being caught.

"Cameras as part of an overall security system and based on risk management is absolutely the way to go," says security expert Tom Conley, president and chief executive officer of The Conley Group. 

Conley says we're on camera 50 to 75 times a day, so it's harder to commit a crime without being seen.  He says just ask the Boston bombing suspects.

"The Lord and Taylor store in Boston," said Conley.  "Their video was the key piece of evidence that made that case."

Des Moines Police Sergeant Jason Halifax hopes video from this latest string of robberies, which appear to be unrelated, puts more bad guys in jail.

"They (businesses) can get CD's or DVD's to us pretty quickly, and to the point we can disseminate them quickly," said Halifax.

Sgt. Halifax says better equipment with digital quality has helped tremendously.  He also says there's another advantage, eyewitness testimony can be unreliable.

"What I see as beige, you might say is tan or brown.  What to me is 5'5", to you may be 5'8"," said Halifax.

Strategic placement of the cameras also helps.

"They ( many stores) have a camera right at the door level, eye level when you come in the door," said Halifax.  "They have markings at the door that shows height."

Police haven't have released video yet of these latest crimes.  Once they do, we hope to air the video on ABC5 and also post it to our website. 

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