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Man Bites Dog to Defend Wife

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By Alex Schuman


Caren Henry was walking her little 9-year-old beagle named Candy down a country road near Madrid.

She's gone on the walk before, and her husband Laine is on his way to pick her up.

Right before he arrived, a pit bull lab mix darted out from behind a house and attacks Henry by biting her side. 

"He bit her above the eyebrow and down here on the cheek," said Laine Henry, Caren's husband. "And in the process tore... the side of her nose... and it's just a black hole."

In the middle of this, Laine pulls up in his truck, jumps out and grabs the lab now biting their beagle.

He grabs the dog's mouth trying to open its jaw and decides to goes with his gut by biting the dog's nose.

"I didn't know what else to do," he said.  "It's just the first thing that cross my mind was, bite the [dog] like he bit your wife."

The Henry's and their dog will all be okay.  Caren even got to see Candy again before getting  reconstructive surgery on her nose.

"[Caren's] up and happy for awhile, but then she realizes that you know, she's messed up," said Laine.  "And she cries.  And it's hard."

Laine says doctors took part of her ear and forehead to rebuild the side of her nose, and if that does not work doctors can try other procedures.

What he's not sure about, is the fate of their attacker.  

Police put the dog in confinement for 14 days, but Laine was shocked to learn it's at the same home the dog shot out from behind when he attacked his wife.

"I would like to see it terminated before somebody else gets injured," he said.

The man who was taking care of the dog at the time says the owner is actually a homeless person from Des Moines.

The dog will be released from confinement after the 14 days is up.  Dallas County doesn't currently have a vicious dog ordinance.

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