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Mothers Rally Against Violence

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By Alex Schuman


Members of a new group in Des Moines stood alongside Kenyatta Taylor's family at his vigil over a week ago. He was murdered on a Sunday afternoon while walking with his girlfriend, carrying groceries.

The group calls themselves the Mothers Against Violence, and they never want to go to another vigil again.

"No mother should ever have to burry their son," said Calvetta Williams, founder of Mothers Against Violence.

The group started in January and remains small with less than 15 members.

They aim to stop what they see as an increasing amount of violence in Des Moines that claims younger, and younger victims. 

"I want the kids to come together and the parents," said Williams. "Because we have parents out here gang banging with their kids, and I just want it to stop."

They also go a step further by not only trying to prevent violence, but deal with its aftermath by helping victim's families.

Tiffany Hamilton, who's son was accidentally shot last fall, is one of the first people they helped.

"People forget, people go on with their life," said Hamilton.  "Their lives go on.  Whereas my life has been a standstill."

M.A.V. raised thousands to pay for tombstones and burials - even buying a dress for Kenyatta Taylor's grandma to wear to his funeral.

Besides money, they offer companionship and conversation, which is very important when others stop talking because they don't know what to say. 

"Not saying that I lost friends, but I feel I've been alienated," said Hamilton. "I feel alone a lot of the time.  I truly do.  And it's nice to have someone I can pick up a phone and call, or message on facebook, or get together with."

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