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Water Covers Highway Near Osceola, Floods Basements

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By Addie Olson



Flood waters covered Highway 34 just east of Osceola Wednesday morning, but people still made it in to the Osceola Farm and Home Store.

The blocked highway didn't put a dent in business.

"They find ways around it or take gravel most of the time," said store employee Erin Stearns.

In fact, the number of people coming in and out of the store increased after all of the rain.

"Picked us up a little bit when it comes to selling the pumps and stuff," Stearns said of sump pump sales. "But that's not in a good way, I guess, for all of the people that are having to buy them."

The water came flooding in to Osceola basements.

"Usually we sell like one or two every month, and I've sold three in half an hour," she said.

As the water poured in, horror stories came flooding in to the ones selling the sump pumps and shop vac's at Farm and Home.

"We had one guy in here that just bought a house a little while ago and ended up with five or six inches of water in his basement," said Stearns. "Everything that he didn't have unpacked is now soaking wet — all the boxes that were on the floor."

Dianna Keller of Osceola said it's all thanks to a big rain after what seemed like a never ending drought.

"I think the ground was so dry that it just went past soaking in and just went right into the basements."

Most of the roads that were closed in Central Iowa are now clear or mostly clear, but some are still blocked off. For all of the latest updates, visit www.511ia.org.

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