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Iowa State Increases Security for VEISHEA

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By Alex Schuman


On Wednesday morning you can see signs of VEISHEA all over Iowa State University's rainy campus. 

But what you cannot see and police hope you never have to be aware of, is the added security after the bombings in Boston and recent scares near other Iowa campuses. 

"There's some things that we've done institutionally," said Lt. Elliott Florer, Iowa State Police. "We've made some changes to how we would normally do some things.  But to the average visitor that comes to campus for VEISHEA events, they're not gonna notice a huge physical difference."

ISU Police do not want to release specifics that might give a potential attacker an idea of how security will react.

"We have a playbook for these types of things," said Florer. "And obviously we don't want it to get into the wrong hands."

They do ask anyone who sees something or someone suspicious to contact university or city police.

"We'd rather get five phone calls about an incident and [have it] turn out to be a false alarm than get no phone calls about something that could turn out to be something serious," he said. 

Many students feel these small precautions are enough, and trust campus security to stop anything dangerous. 

"They're pretty good with security here so I'm not worried at all," said Karrie Chatman, a sophomore.  "Everything has pretty much been taken care of."

Security and the students just want to enjoy an important week that is supposed to be about having fun - not being afraid.

"A lot of people are just excited for the stuff that's coming up for VEISHEA," said Chatman.

If you want to report any suspicious activity ISU police ask you call their non-emergency number: 515-294-4428.

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