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Free Colonoscopy Screening Day

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Addie Olson


Area doctors offered free colonoscopies to uninsured Iowans at Methodist Medical Center on Saturday.

Dr. Michael Page of The Iowa Clinic came up with "Scope it Out" day.

"Six or seven years ago I kind of got the idea that we needed to do something for the community and so I talked to all my friends that are gastroenterologists and the hospitals and out-patient surgery centers," said Page. "I said, 'Hey, can we all get together and put on a free colonoscopy day for people who are uninsured or underinsured?'"

Those friends were eager to hop on board. They've been holding a free colonoscopy day for more than five years now.

"It's not only a benefit for patients," Page explained. "The doctors get a sense of giving back to the community, the patients are very thankful."

One of those patients is Rusty Stuehr.

"It's a god-send thing to be honest with you," Stuehr said.

Stuehr's grateful because doctors found a polyp in his colon Friday morning. If left undetected, it could have turned into something worse.

"If we can find polyps before they turn into cancers, then we can take the polyps off, people don't get cancer, we save tons of money and we keep people from dying," Page said.

Stuehr said he came in on Friday because he's completely uninsured. He said the process was quick, easy and absolutely worth it.

"For me, I believe if they catch it in time it's the difference of getting cancer or not having cancer," Stuehr said. "So it's worth it."


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