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Police Cars Damaged in High Speed Chase

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By Alex Schuman



A driver led police on a high-speed chase through Des Moines' north side damaging several police cars. 

"It's the first time I've ever seen a police chase like that," said Joseph Nino, a witness.

The driver was originally stopped by police for a basic traffic violation when he took off.  Three police cars chased the driver with two passengers and a pitbull inside.

Police say the two passengers, a man and a woman, clearly wanted out of the car, but could not escape traveling at speeds as high as 70 miles per hour. 

"During the pursuit, they threw some baggies, which have not been recovered out of the vehicle and a hand gun," said Lt. Chris Hardy, Des Moines P.D.

At one point the suspect lost a tire, but kept driving with just three wheels.  Police tried to stop the driver several times by pinning him with a police car.  One cruiser missed and smashed into a pole.

"It was unsuccessful because the driver [was] driving so aggressively," said Hardy.

A moment later, police hit the suspects car to stop him from trying to cross into traffic on Second Avenue.

They pushed him backwards down a hill.

"They're actually making contact with him, and he's actually spinning the tires coming down the hill the entire way," said Hardy. 

A cruiser pushed him up against a stop sign at Franklin and Second Ave.   That's when the passengers stayed in the car, but the driver decided to run.  According to police, without shoes. 

"The guy just jumped out of the vehicle trying to put his coat on, dropped it in the middle of the road, and kept running toward the ditch area," said Nino.

Police eventually caught the suspect without anyone getting injured.  All three are under arrest and will be charged with carrying a concealed weapon. 

Police say the driver can expect several other charges.

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