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Meat Name Changes Coming For Grill Season

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by Phil Prazan


It's the time of year where people start firing up their grills. But you should know before you hit up the butcher, there's some big changes coming to the meat department.

The USDA officially approved an idea from the National Pork Board and the Beef Checkoff Program.

In honor of grilling season, they're trying to make meat cut names universal and relatable.  So confusing names like "top loin center cut chop" will move over for easier names that either tell you where on the animal you're eating or how you should cook it.

An example will be shifting the "top blade steak" to the "flat iron steak". 

"A lot of those are almost confusing to the customer.  That's why we're trying to make it a little more user friendly, so they actually know what kind of chop it is," says Mike Hoffman, the meat director for Dahl's.

Over 300 names will be changed on a volunteer basis this summer in the hopes that the easier names will catch on.

With the overall goal of making eating that delicious pork chop a little easier.

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