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Gray's Wood Neighborhood a Muddy Mess

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Addie Olson


A neighborhood on the East side of Des Moines is fed up with 'mudding.' People in trucks drive through soggy, muddy land just for the thrill. When it's done in a residential area, it becomes a major problem.

"What concerns me is how much of an eye sore it is," said neighbor Michael Dank.

The area could be a grassy field, but instead it's filled with divots, bumps and muddy tire tracks.

"That tears up the grass that's there," said Sgt. Jason Halifax of the Des Moines P.D. "When that's tore up that leads to erosion problems, that leads to some environmental problems, and it's pretty ugly."

Neighbors are less than happy with the landscaping.

"It's not a place for four-wheelers to come and have fun with their vehicle," said Dank. "It's my area where I live at, and a lot of other people feel the same way about it."

Another neighbor was hammering stakes into the ground on Thursday, hoping to deter the 'mudders.'

"What's fun for them is not necessarily fun for the people that have to deal with the mess that they make," Dank explained. "I'd just like to see it stopped."

One neighbor went beyond hammering stakes in the ground a couple weeks ago when he came out with a BB gun and shot at one of the trucks doing the damage.

"We ask that no one take this into their own hands," said Halifax. "Please give us a call, we'll send a car out quick as we can, hopefully to catch them in the act."

Police have increased how much they monitor the area. The City Council has also been working on coming up with solutions.

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