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More Rain Needed to Impact Drought

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Addie Olson


Spring rainfall turned the ground from brown to green practically overnight. With even more rain in store, things could be looking up for Iowa farmers.

"It definitely helps, every little bit helps," said National Weather Service Hydrologist Jeff Zogg.

Monday night's rainfall totaled about two inches.

"It'll help, it should help a lot," said Dan Beougher, who runs 7 Pines Farms in Maxwell. "Hopefully we get a little more - we got a good rain here last night."

That rain drenched the soil at 7 Pines. Even though plants are going in later than last year, Beougher said they're right on track.

"We're a couple weeks behind from the past couple years, but those were the exceptions, this is more the normal," Beougher said.

More precipitation is expected later in the week, but just a few days of rain won't fix a year long drought.

"Yes, this rainfall is helping, yes, it's helping to green up the grass, but it's a short term thing," said Zogg. "We're going to need more rainfall to allow that moisture to soak all the way into the ground."

Whether or not Iowa will get as much rainfall as it needs is hard to predict.

"Deeper down it's still quite dry, so we're going to need a continued period – several months worth of continued rainfall – to really end the drought," Zogg said.

Farmers across the state are doing the only they can - hoping for the best.

"Nothing you can do about it," Beougher said. "That's just mother nature and you take the good with the bad."

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