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Ames Residents Stash the Trash

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Addie Olson


Ames residents gathered for the annual Stash the Trash event on Saturday. They filled up bag after bag with road–side debris.

"It's needed," said volunteer Amanda Heeren. "Every spring, I guess, do a spring cleaning."

Hundreds of community members came out to help.

"It's just nice to be outside," said Heeren. "It's nice to feel like we're doing something to help make our community better."

"I just thought it would be a good thing to do on a Saturday morning," said ISU student and volunteer Jake Eckard. "Come out, do some work - better than staying at home and doing nothing."

Kids, adults and Iowa State students spread out around the city with bags and gloves. Many of them have been taking part in the event for more than a decade now.

Almost 60,000 people call Ames home, and organizers want them to embrace that title.

"It really makes you feel a part of the community that you live in," said Stash the Trash Co-Chair Shellie Orngard. "That it's not just a place that you sleep at night, but it's actually your community."

In addition to cleaning up the town on Saturday, volunteers were out at the Ames YMCA campgrounds to restore walking trails.

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