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Men Beat Up Babysitter, Point Gun at 4-year-old

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Addie Olson


A 16-year-old male was inside a home on Idaho St. in Des Moines babysitting Wednesday night when a group of men forced their way in.

The teenager said the 4- and 7-year-old children he was watching were in bed when the invasion occurred.

 "Four or five black males forced in the front door, forced it open, came in the residence, pointed guns at him, and asked something about where the dope was in the house," said Sgt. Jason Halifax of the Des Moines P.D.

The men made the 16-year-old stand in the corner as they raided the home. They did not go into the room where the children were sleeping .

"The victim thought maybe they were there about 20 minutes, but it's hard to kind of know time frames when you're in a situation like that," Halifax said.

When the suspects finished raiding, they beat up the babysitter. That's when one of the children woke up and came out of his room..

"One of the suspects pointed a gun at the little boy, apparently he was four years old, told him to go back to bed and he did," said Halifax. "At that point, the suspects left."

The current owner of the home believes the suspects could be men he met in jail. He knows the men only by their street names of "X" and "C."

The only thing taken from the home was a 5–week–old pit bull.

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