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Bill Banning Laser "Jammers" Passes Subcommittee

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By Alex Schuman

Keeping one step ahead of Iowa speeders can be a tough job for police.  Iowa legislators want to give them more might to combat new technology by changing the language of the Iowa Code. 

Radar scramblers and jammers are already illegal in Iowa, but a bill being considered by the Iowa Senate would expand that ban to include laser jammers.

A bill passed by the House unanimously made it out of a Senate subcommittee Tuesday morning with the addition of an amendment.

The Iowa State Police Association says they are not sure how often these get used, but they know laser jammer devices are out there.

There was some controversy during subcommittee meeting.  Lawmakers want to make sure Iowans who already manufacture these jammers are allowed to stay in business.  They just could not sell the devices in Iowa. 

"Police officer associations get together and talk about updating old laws," said Sen. Steve Sodders, D-State Center.  "Getting rid of old laws that don't make any sense and this is one of their code clean-up as they see it."

The bill considered by the full judiciary committee before it moved on to the full Senate.

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