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Story County Prosecutors Attacked in Courthouse

By: Jason Rantala


Louis Robinson, 31, from Mason City, is being charged for punching two prosecutors in the face on Tuesday.

Story County Attorney Stephen Holmes says any crime against court personnel should carry the same level of severity as attacking a police officer.

"Emotions run extremely high with people and you don't know who you've got. You don't really find out until someone is faced with a judge's ruling," said Holmes.

Holmes says the Iowa Legislature needs to recognize that many counties in Iowa aren't well off when it comes to courtroom security and should budget accordingly.

"The legislature needs to recognize, when these things change we need help," said Holmes.

Holmes says it took five minutes for authorities to show up, despite being in the same building.

Story County Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald says it boils down to a budget issue.

"We can provide top level security, or we can provide something that's a little under and be more affordable," said Fitzgerald.

However, Fitzgerald says they always meet the security requests a judge asks for.

"The court, its personnel, the attorneys involved including my prosecutors and prosecutors across the state, when asked to engage people who are dangerous, that requires special consideration," he said.

Holmes says he will be making an appeal to the legislature for more funds.

He hopes this incident will be a good reminder of how much adequate courthouse security is needed.

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