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Small Knives Make Travelers Uneasy

By: Jason Rantala


The TSA recently announced they aren't backing down on allowing flyers to bring small knives onto planes.

Amidst growing opposition from airline and industry unions, the US Transportation Security Administration has announced they will not be reversing their decision to allow small knives on planes.

Under the new TSA policy, blades just over two inches long and no more than one-half inch wide will now be allowed on planes.

This makes some travelers in uneasy.

"I would feel more comfortable with no knives on my flight," said Bev Ellis.

"Little knives hurt just like big knives, I think it's a crazy idea," said Denise Peters.

New rules will allow novelty–sized and toy bats along with sporting equipment like hockey sticks and golf clubs.

"You can beat somebody with a golf club or a hockey stick. I think what they have right now is working out and I think that's what they should stay with," said Peters.

For Bev Ellis, who's worked at the airport 13 years, this rule change makes even less sense, considering things they still don't allow like hand sanitizer.

Ellis says what also bothers her is that the rational for allowing one item over another was never discussed.

"I know there are concerns from the employees, the flight attendants are concerned about this and passengers as well," said Ellis.

For travelers like Betty Dixon, returning to Ames from Florida, the new rules don't bother her.

"I don't think that type of knife is a big deal," she said.

The move conforms to international rules that also allow small knives and sporting goods.

The new guidelines don't go into effect until April 25th.






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