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Funnel Week Ends the Life of State Legislation

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By Addie Olson


Friday marked Iowa's first funnel deadline. Dozens of bills that never made it to committee were killed.

Much of the legislation that will not see any more action this session are social issues.

Medical marijuana, abortion, the death penalty and a same–sex marriage ban are among them.

Rep. Bruce Hunter, (D) Des Moines, was hoping to take the marijuana bill through this deadline, but said he thinks this year's discussion will set it up for the future.

"Of course I'm a little bit sad that it didn't go further, but I think we got a good start of a conversation going," said Hunter. "We had a subcommittee meeting and it was talked about more than I thought it would be talked about in the legislature this year."

Sen. Brad Zaun, (R) Urbandale, was hoping to see some different issues move through.

"We didn't really do anything on property tax," said Zaun. "I was obviously very upset that we didn't get anything done on the traffic enforcement cameras."

Zaun said that energy will be shifted toward other issues.

"I do believe that we need to focus on the important issues, which is creating a better job environment, and being able to keep the younger people here and providing them job opportunities," said Zaun.

Both sides agree on putting these issues behind them to focus on bigger bills.

"Now that we've gotten some of those out of the way, I think it's time to get to work and pass bills that are good for Iowa," said Hunter. "That will assist all working men and women in the state of Iowa, and then get a budget to fund those programs."

Some of the bigger issues that legislators now have more time to focus on include medicaid, job growth and education reform.

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