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Education Takes Major Cut Under Sequestration

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By Addie Olson


The Iowa Department of Education would lose $14 million under the sequester. That's the equivalent of 131.6 full-time positions would be cut across the state.

Iowa's budget director, David Roederer, said it's a problem that we shouldn't be facing.

"This is not a good way to run anything, let alone the United States government," said Roederer.

The Des Moines school district would lose about $2 million, which is approximately 26 full-time positions, but the district does not know exactly what the effects will be yet.

"What the ultimate impact of this might be though, quite frankly, I think remains to be seen," said Phil Roeder, spokesman of Des Moines Public Schools.

District growth over recent years and a healthy financial position right now could allow for those cuts to be absorbed.

DMPS remains hopeful that the situation will be resolved before the cuts go into effect July 1.

"We tend to be fairly optimistic in education and I think, in this case, feel that if we can get kindergartners to work together in a classroom, that hopefully the grown ups in Washington D.C. are going to work together here sometime soon," Roeder said.

Roederer believes that whether or not Washington can get things figured out depends on a change in conversation.

"We would hope that the conversation would turn to what's in the best long term interest of the United States," said Roederer. "That is the only way this is going to get resolved."

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