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ISU Students Won't Face Criminal Charges for Discriminatory Tweets

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By Addie Olson


Iowa State students who posted to Twitter after the game against Kansas on Monday will not face criminal charges. The case has been turned over to Iowa State's Dean of Students, Pamela Anthony.

The tweets threaten violence, mention a nine millimeter gun and call Kansas guard Elijah Johnson a racial slur.

Even though the accounts have since been taken down, the tweets gained some serious attention, and a lot of disappointment.

"I was pretty disgusted, to be honest," Anthony said.

"I think it's disrespectful to the Kansas team and I think we're better than that," said an ISU fan.

Cyclone basketball player Chris Babb knew that people were going to be angry after the game, but he recognized how important it is to keep those thoughts off the internet.

"Obviously fans have a right to be upset - the situation, the way the game ended... we were upset too," Babb said. "But one of the first things coach told us was to stay off social media stay, off Twitter... especially in the heat of the moment."

According to Iowa State's code of conduct, punishment for harassment and discrimination can range from a simple reprimand to expulsion.

 "Are we entitled to our opinions? Absolutely." said Anthony. "But when your opinion violates the law, particularly if it's a threat, that's something we take very seriously. And I do think students should be held accountable for making threatening statements."

The investigation is still ongoing at this point, so it's unclear how big of a case this will be.

"I would say in this case we want to say to students that if they are found responsible for violating the code of conduct, you must be held responsible and accountable for your behavior," said Anthony.

Many students expressed how disgusted they were with the comments, and how important it is to think before you tweet.

The Associated Press is reporting that the Iowa State student government sent a letter to Kansas coach, Bill Self, and Elijah Johnson apologizing for the incident.

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