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Why is She Collecting Yearbooks?

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Jessica Daley



Do you ever take a trip down memory lane and crack open your high school yearbook? One woman wants to save those memories by collecting yours.

Virginia Gee can talk day and night about each room in the Olmsted-Urban House in Urbandale. She just can't get enough of the metro town's past from street cars to clothing.

In a small back room is a project she's been toiling over for years, one she's hoping to close the book on.
"The first one then was published in 1954," she said of Urbandale High School's yearbook.

Virginia is set on collecting Urbandale's 58 volumes. She needs just three more: 1987, 1993, and 1994.

"It may be that there are the ones that people are still holding on to. They're not quite ready to give up yet."

But she's hopeful, "There's somebody somewhere."

The first yearbook called the Urban Echo was printed in black and white and pictured students in kindergarten through high school. Nineteen students graduated that year.

It's a far cry from the size and look of the Class of 2012's yearbook.

"Get a picture of what life was like for high school students through these almost 60 years."

That's why Virginia wants to complete the collection, to preserve and share those memories and lifestyles of years gone by with younger generations.

"There's just an endless amount you can learn, and it's so much fun."

If you or someone you know has one of those missing years, you can contact of the Urbandale Historical Society.

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