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75 DSM Plow Crews Take On Snow

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Jessica Daley



The flakes started falling by 3:00 p.m. Thursday, and Des Moines plow crews were on the road within the hour.

Seventy-five plows will be working over night to keep 225 miles of Des Moines' main roads clear.

Public Works Director Pat Kozitza says cold road temperatures and not having any rain before the snow helped the salt brine mixture they put down do it's job to melt the snow more quickly.

He says the department was ready to go thanks to the 10 day advance notice on this storm and that it's played out how they expected.

By noon Friday, he anticipates plows will move to residential roads and so will parking enforcement.

Starting this winter, no one can park on residential streets once snow accumulates, except for five neighborhoods that have odd/even parking.

The last two snow storms 4,0000 people parked on the streets got warnings. However, this snow storm is dealing out real tickets which are $35.

"People want us to do better quality snow removal but we can't do it when we're trying to work around those parked cars. It delays everything. Cars get plowed in," says Kozitza. "It's better to move them off the street."

An important thing to clarify is that residential roads are different than snow routes. Even if you live in an odd/even parking neighborhood, you can never park on snow routes, which are the main roads crews plow first.

Public Works also wants to plow this mess up quickly to be ready for another chance of snow Sunday night into Monday.

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